3D Exterior architectural Visualization of multi family house with office spaces and cafe in Künzelsau Germany
LocationKünzelsau, Germany
ClientDS Wohnbau
Enter the realm of architectural innovation with Oblik3D's project: the 3D visualization of both the exterior and interior of a newly constructed multi-family residence in Künzelsau, Germany. This contemporary structure boasts clean lines and vibrant pops of color, serving as a shining example of modern design excellence. Our team painstakingly created detailed 3D renderings of the exterior, capturing every aspect of the building's dynamic facade and architectural elements with unparalleled accuracy. Within the interior spaces, our 3D visualizations offer a glimpse into the versatility of this multi-family dwelling. From expansive business areas on the ground level to specialized zones transformed into inviting coffee shops/cafes and state-of-the-art dental clinics, each visualization highlights the layout's potential and functionality. Utilizing advanced rendering techniques, we breathe life into each space, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the ambiance and atmosphere of the design concept.
3D Interior Visualization of office space transformed into dentist practice in new multi family house in Künzelsau Germany
3D Visualization of coffee shop / cafe with terrace in new multi family house in Künzelsau Germany
Oblik3D's commitment to excellence in 3D architectural visualization is evident in every aspect of this project, from the exterior aesthetics to the interior functionality. Explore our portfolio to see more examples of our work and discover how Oblik3D can transform your architectural visions into stunning visual realities, setting new standards in the industry.

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