Old Property restoration


3D Exterior Visualization of restored old locomotive shed and new building which are transformed into coworking spaces in Mannheim, Germany
LocationMannheim, Germany
Oblik3D, a leading provider of cutting-edge 3D architectural visualization services, recently completed a transformative project centered around an old locomotive shed in Mannheim. The project involved the renovation and conversion of the historic structure into a dynamic open-space coworking area, breathing new life into the historic brick structure. Additionally, our team visualized the construction of a modern office building within the shed's premises, seamlessly blending contemporary design with the industrial heritage of the site.
3D Exterior visualization of restored locomotive shed with extension in Mannheim, Germany
3D Architectural Visualization of new building for office spaces in Mannheim, Germany
Through our advanced 3D rendering techniques, we meticulously recreated the exterior of the renovated locomotive shed, capturing its unique architectural features and character. Our 3D exterior visualizations showcase the integration of the new office building with the existing structure, highlighting the cohesive design vision for the entire site. Oblik3D's commitment to excellence in 3D architectural visualization is evident in every aspect of this project, from the intricate details of the brick structure to the sleek lines of the modern office building. Explore our portfolio to see how our expertise in 3D rendering can elevate your architectural projects to new heights of visual excellence.

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