Eco Apartments in Rügen


3D Exterior Rendering of Eco Apartments with common area in Rügen, Germany
LocationRügen, Germany
ClientHamburg Projektentwicklung
Project Showcase: Transforming an Abandoned Property into Ecological Apartments in Rügen, Germany At Oblik3D, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality 3d architectural visualization services that bring your architectural dreams to life. This project involved the refurbishment of an abandoned property on the picturesque island of Rügen, Germany. This ambitious endeavor transformed a derelict site into a stunning complex of ecological apartments, seamlessly blending several ethno buildings with diverse exterior furnishings.
3D Exterior Visualization of refurbished complex with Eco Apartments and common area in Rügen, Germany
3D Architectural Visualization of renovated complex with Eco Apartments and local cafe in Rügen, Germany
Our 3d exterior visualization services were instrumental in showcasing the project's unique architectural style. Each building was designed to harmonize with the surrounding wild nature, emphasizing sustainability and community living. The exterior renderings highlight the intricate details and natural materials used in the construction, ensuring the final visuals accurately represent the project's vision. In addition to the exterior work, our 3d interior visualization services brought the interiors of these apartments to life, emphasizing spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Each apartment was designed to reflect the local lifestyle, with interiors that promote comfort, natural light, and a sense of openness. The common areas, including a charming café offering local produce, were also carefully visualized to ensure they serve as vibrant gathering places for the community.
3D Interior Rendering of living room with dining area in eco apartment in Rügen, Germany
3D Interior Rendering of local cafe in eco apartment complex in Rügen, Germany
3D Interior Visualization of living room with kitchen in eco apartment in Rügen, Germany
3D architectural Visualization of dining area and kitchen in eco apartment in Rügen, Germany
By leveraging cutting-edge 3d architectural visualization, Oblik3D was able to present a comprehensive and immersive view of this ambitious project, demonstrating our commitment to blending traditional aesthetics with modern, sustainable living. Our detailed 3d renderings not only facilitated the planning and development process but also provided a clear and compelling vision of the completed complex, ensuring that every stakeholder could fully appreciate the beauty and functionality of the design.

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