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3D Interior Visualization of the hair salon with the design concept in Hilden, Germany
LocationHilden, Germany
ClientGrundstein GmbH
Step into the enchanting world of architectural innovation with Oblik3D as we present our project: the restoration of a historical building in the heart of Hilden, featuring captivating 3D exterior and interior visualizations.
3D Interior Visualization of the business space proposal in Hilden, Germany
Our team meticulously revitalized every detail of this iconic structure, preserving its historical charm while infusing modern elements for a seamless blend of past and present. With a focus on the ground floor business property, our 3D exterior visualization showcases the grandeur of the building, bathed in radiant light to highlight its potential for transformation. Venture inside and explore our immersive 3D interior visualization, where every corner of the space is brought to life with meticulous attention to detail. From the majestic foyer to the versatile business areas, our rendering captures the essence of functionality and elegance. Witness the transformational power of Oblik3D's expertise in 3D architectural visualization as we breathe new life into this historical gem. Explore our portfolio to discover more about our innovative approach to exterior and interior visualization, setting new standards in the industry.
3D Exterior Visualization of the historical building with the business space in Hilden, Germany

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