How does 3D Visualization help to showcase Custom Furniture?

How does 3D Visualization help to showcase Custom Furniture?

3D Visualizations are widely used throughout the advertising industry for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is that 3D Rendering is eye appealing as well as being cost-effective. That is why it is not a surprise that the use of 3D Visualization has become quite popular within the furniture industry, as well.

High-quality furniture visualizations are much more effective than photos, due to the broad capabilities of 3D Modeling software. Professionals can create static, animated, or 360-degree visualization of the product within the shortest timeframe. They are able to showcase items in a real setting, which will help buyers easily imagine how a specific product will look in their interior. As a result, such customers are more likely to proceed with the purchase. So let us take a closer look at how to employ a 3D Visualization service when it comes to a furniture product. Here are some answers.

The wide use of 3D Furniture Visualization

Recently, the requests for 3D furniture visualization services have grown exponentially. One of the reasons for this is: huge growth of internet sales and buyers who are paying a significant amount of money want to see exactly how a piece of furniture looks like without needing to leave the comfort of their home. It is also very important for those who are spending a great deal of effort and money to have their furniture custom designed. Also, we should understand that it’s way easier and more convenient for manufacturers to make a change in a 3D product than making a change in the actual furniture piece!

Another big reason is the competition within the furniture industry. To grow your furniture business, it’s essential to have a certain level of distinction between you and your competitors. The best way to stand out is to let your potential customers know that you can offer them exactly what they want or need. Besides, you can show the custom furniture designs that you have in every conceivable location; from hospitality settings to home locations.

3D Modeling of a custom furniture

When we talk about 3D custom furniture modeling, we’re describing a software-related process, which is used is to create firstly a model and afterward a visualization which is as close as possible showcase the way that we see an object in real life. This technology isn’t new, however, it has evolved drastically over the past years. Because of this, it has entered the market as an effective and efficient tool for advertising many different products – especially custom furniture.

One of the advantages of using 3D custom furniture modeling and visualization includes showcasing the product in any type of environment with virtual design. For example, you have a new home that you wish to decorate with custom furniture that suits your personality and style. If the furniture doesn’t already exist, then how would you know what it will look like, once you’ve commissioned the design? These issues can be solved with the employment of 3D custom furniture visualization. 3D Rendering eliminates the type of guess and misunderstanding factor which can be costly when ordering furniture. This is especially true in the high-end furniture market.

Eye-catching marketing materials

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing 3D custom furniture Visualization for Manufactures is the ability to produce an entire advertising catalog of a custom furniture design in different colors and materials in a shorter time and for the fraction of the costs. Imagine the expense that would be involved in this process if they tried to do this on a physical basis.

By being able to showcase the furniture line in various colors and materials, you have a much better chance of having customers that will be confident that they have made the right choice. I’m sure that furniture sellers are constantly facing customers who are unsure as to what color or fabric would best suit their tastes. With 3D Visualization, you can have an unsure customer look at realistic examples and make their selections on what they are able to see, rather than what they can only imagine.

Additionally, 3D Furniture Visualization can also allow a store or a manufacturer to make certain projections involving the popularity of what customers are most interested in. For example, you discover that certain materials are currently far more popular within a specific living room design style. In response to this, you can market a variety of living room furniture utilizing those types of materials and analyze the results. Being able to pinpoint trends of the current market can prove to be very profitable in the long run.

Save time and money

Why produce an entire stock of furniture pieces that may or may not sell? Besides, imagine the spendings you can cut by eliminating the need for big storage facilities, professional photoshoots, and studio rentals. With the help of 3D Modeling, you can understand and create what your customers want, rather than spending time and money involved with guesswork.

Expand your availability catalog

It’s not a secret that to stay competitive in nowadays market reality, you need to have a catalog that features a large variety of items. With 3D Furniture Visualization, you can create any number of interior scenarios that are furnished with an entire range of your furniture products. This way, you can inspire your customers to select an entire room of matching products or perhaps to choose a higher-end material for their furniture choice. Another highly effective marketing tool can be when you recreate their actual home spaces that you can then fill with 3D virtual furniture from your catalog.


When it comes to showcasing your furniture products there are few options that you may choose from, while building a prominent brand name. Usually, there are 4 types of furniture rendering:

  • Studio Type. Usually, a product is presented on a white background with basic shadows.
  • Static. A product is presented in the designed space. In this case, a picture is similar to a photo.
  • 360-degree. This type of visualization shows a product from every angle.
  • Animated: Usually it’s a GIF format file, which shows how certain elements move/disassemble.

When you add up factors such as cost and time effectiveness, flexibility, and brand building, no other technology can be as beneficial to furniture presentations and marketing as 3D renders.

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Angela Cvetkovic
CEO & Founder

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