KOLLAU-UFER Frohmestrasse


3D Exterior Visualization of new multi family house in Frohmestraße Hamburg Germany
LocationHamburg, Germany
Discover the epitome of modern living at KOLLAU-UFER in Frohmestraße Hamburg, where Oblik3D has brought to life an architectural masterpiece through meticulous 3D visualization services. Our team has expertly crafted detailed renderings of both the exterior and interior, showcasing the expansive property's vibrant community-centric design.
3D Exterior Architectural Visualization of multi family house with garden and kids playground in Frohmestraße Hamburg Germany
3D Visualization of new built multi family house in Frohmestraße Hamburg Germany
From the sleek lines of the 24 condominiums to the inviting commercial units, each space is thoughtfully designed to foster neighborly interaction and connection. Residents can enjoy the luxury of private balconies and terraces, offering panoramic views and ample opportunities for relaxation and socializing.
3D Interior Visualization oof living room with dining area and access to the balcony in Frohmestraße Hamburg Germany
3D Interior Visualization of master bedroom in the new multi family house in Frohmestraße Hamburg Germany
Experience the perfect blend of modern elegance and practical functionality at KOLLAU-UFER, where every detail has been meticulously planned to enhance the quality of life for its residents. Explore our portfolio to see more examples of our work and discover how Oblik3D can transform your architectural visions into stunning visual realities.

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