Mini Apartments


3D Exterior Visualization of old built building with backyard and mini apartments in Hindenburgstraße Erlangen Germany
LocationErlangen, Germany
ClientWeid Immobilien
Embark on a visual journey through Oblik3D's project: the 3D exterior and interior visualization of mini apartments nestled in Erlangen. Situated along the picturesque Hindenburgstraße, this location boasts stately 19th century buildings, meticulously renovated in the Neo-Renaissance style. Our 3D architectural visualization services expertly capture the charm of these architectural monuments, showcasing their high ceilings, ornate wooden doors, and unique character against the backdrop of the tranquil Schwabachauen.
3D Interior Visualization on a kitchen with dining area and living area in small apartment in Hindenburgstraße Erlangen, Germany
3D Interior Visualization on dining area and working area with a view to the garden in small apartment in Hindenburgstraße Erlangen, Germany
With our advanced 3D rendering techniques, we bring to life the seamless blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication that defines these apartments. Each interior visualization highlights the functionality and efficiency of the compact spaces, demonstrating how thoughtful design can maximize comfort and utility. From the cozy living areas to the well-appointed kitchens and bedrooms, our renderings provide a realistic preview of life in these mini apartments.
3D Architectural Visualization of Kitchen with dining area in a small apartment in Hindenburgstraße Erlangen, Germany
3D Visualization of dining area in Hindenburgstraße Erlangen, Germany
3D Visualization of Master bathroom in penthouse apartment in Hindenburgstraße Erlangen, Germany
Explore our portfolio to witness how Oblik3D transforms architectural concepts into stunning visual representations, setting new standards in 3D exterior and interior visualization. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, we ensure that every project exceeds expectations and resonates with our clients' vision for their spaces.

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